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The FBI Report was Very Good for Brett Kavanaugh

On September 6, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court in a 50-48 vote, sending a powerful message to the Democratic Party – smear campaigns will not work and weaponizing sexual assault allegations for political purposes will only serve to fire up the Republican base.

Before Kavanaugh was confirmed, though, Democrats made one last-ditch effort to drag out the process by demanding an FBI investigation into the claims of Dr. Ford. After support from Sen. Flake, they got their wish, and the FBI conducted a one-week investigation into the accusations that Dr. Ford made against Kavanaugh. Much to the dismay of the Democratic Party, though, this investigation ended up helping Kavanaugh much more than it hurt him.

After combing through the available evidence and interviewing nine different individuals – some of whom Dr. Ford claimed were witnesses to the assault – the FBI was able to find zero evidence to corroborate Dr. Ford’s claims. Judge Kavanaugh came out of the investigation appearing more innocent than ever before, and the Senate proceeded to vote accordingly. Or rather, enough of them did to overcome the Democratic obstruction efforts and confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

To hear Sen. Lindsey Graham discuss the report that the FBI released and why it was such good news for Brett Kavanaugh, be sure to check out the video below.

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