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MSNBC Falls for the Dumbest Prank Ever

Openly left-wing news outlet MSNBC isn’t subtle about where it stands on President Donald Trump — or any political issue at all. After all, the execs decided it would be a totally cool idea to give race baiter Al Sharpton an prime time slot, so its vitriolic propaganda really shouldn’t come as any surprise.

This said, we can almost say the network is far more worth of respect than CNN — which presents itself as a neutral arbiter of truth despite being anything but. However, this doesn’t make it any less hilarious when the hardcore progressives on the network are caught falling for the dumbest pranks you can imagine.

Among the latest examples is MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who went all in on an obviously fake Twitter account to suggest that there were Russian bots patrolling the internet to make President Donald Trump look better. The Boston Antifa account frequently makes contradictory statements, and adds salt to the wounds by listing a Russian city as its location. Apparently, this wasn’t a bright enough red flag for Hayes to take a step back and reconsider what he was talking about.

Hayes isn’t the only MSNBC personality who has been guilty of this, as YouTube’s Mark Dice is happy to explain. Watch the full clip below.

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