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Liberal Democrats are Declaring War on White Women

The “blue wave” that was supposed to see the Democratic Party take 100 seats on the platform that President Donald Trump is mean didn’t happen — and liberals are very upset about it.

While Democrats did take a reasonable majority in the midterms by adding 34 seats, they lost every single Senate race. Political analysts are saying a lot of this has to do with the fact that white women by and large still back Republicans by comfortable margins. The tolerant left is responding by branding white women as political traitors.

Now, we’ve been seeing this sort of strange alienation of white women from hard left circles for a little while now. The Women’s March, run by noted anti-semite and racist radical Muslim Linda Sarsour, recently put out a statement suggesting that feminism needs white women to talk less. It’s unclear how Sarsour and her ilk plan on being politically successful by demonizing a massive portion of the country, but we digress.

Interestingly, the Republican Party has since taken the opposite approach. After looking at the data, Republican Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham have both publicly stated a desire for the party to reconnect with suburban women, who notably voted more blue in the last election cycle than they have in the past.

The admission suggests the Republican Party is exploring a way to tone down President Trump’s hawkish persona, which may be pushing suburban women away. This is obviously another uphill battle, but it shows the opposite response to the same problem. Republicans want to mend wounds, Democrats want to rip them open.

Learn more about the far-left’s new war on women in the video below.

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