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Tucker Carlson Explains What’s WRONG with the Republican Party

For obvious reasons, liberal Americans are frustrated with the Republican Party. Of course, they’ve always been frustrated with the Republican Party — they’re liberals. What many progressives don’t understand, however, is that there is no group more fed up with the GOP than the people who actually support it.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is one such individual — and he captured the frustration of conservatives perfectly in his recent sit-down with Dave Rubin.

The Republican Party promises a lot to conservatives, and rarely delivers. This has led many to relegate the GOP as simply having one job — to stop the Democrats, which they often don’t. Senator Rand Paul once famously said that when Republicans are in power, there is no conservative party — referring to the GOP’s tendency to blow out government spending just as much as any Democratic administration would.

But Carlson believes it’s more complicated than that. In the video below, he goes deep into why the Republican Party is often self-defeating, and how this has historically created a culture of hopelessness in conservative circles.

As a bonus, we also get an explanation of that famous “Tucker face” anyone who has watched his show has come to adore.

Watch the interview below.

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