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Andrew Klavan: 9/11 Made Me More Conservative

Many conservatives can recall the exact moment when their political convictions were clear: that shining moment when everything finally felt like it made sense.

Some of us were simply raised on conservative values by our families. For others, we remember opening our first pay stub and glaring with rage at how much the federal government decided it got to take. For conservative podcaster Andrew Klavan, a former Hollywood script writer turned right-wing talk show host, this moment came during one of the most horrific events in American history.

Before 9/11, Klavan had spent 7 years living abroad in the United Kingdom. He recalled just how different the political climate was, and mentioned how he spent more time following British politics than American current events at the time. After moving back to the United States, he committed to his career of writing ghost stories and mystery novels. This came to an end when he felt that he had a responsibility to speak out when it appeared that America was under attack not just physically, but philosophically.

Klavan currently works for one of the most influential conservative websites out there, and hosts a daily podcast on current events. Listen to why he feels 9/11 helped him recommit himself to the conservative cause in the video below.

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