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Crowder Challenges Liberals: “Trump is NOT a Fascist — Change My Mind”

CRTV’s Steven Crowder is back with another installment of his signature ‘Change My Mind’ routine, this one gets very heated.

The prompt for this installment is for those who oppose President Donald Trump to explain exactly how he is a “fascist” — that is, one who believes the rights of the nation state should be elevated over the rights of the individuals who live under it.

The term “fascist” is often casually thrown around as a club against any persons or policies someone simply doesn’t like. The reality is, however, that fascism is a well-defined ideology with real life examples in history including Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Nazi Germany. In both of these examples, every social institution was refitted to serve the state, including churches, businesses, and seemingly everything else. Above all, citizens living under fascist states were expected to go about their daily lives without questioning the will or morality of the state.

Now, this isn’t exactly Trump’s MO. Under the former reality TV star’s watch, business regulations have been axed, taxes have been cut, and churches have been given more freedom. Nevertheless, critics of the president seem more than happy to call him a fascist anyway. Far-left radical groups like Antifa have justified their very existence around this.

But, as we see in the video below, many of the president’s most ardent opponents are throwing this label around with little to no understanding of what fascism actually is. Watch Steven Crowder call them out in the video below.

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